How do you interact with pools and manage liquidity ?

When providing liquidity to any Antfarm pool, you'll receive what is called a Position, it is nothing more than an NFT (ERC721 token). It represents your share in the pool and lets you interact with the Antfarm pool you've provided liquidity to. This NFT is here to display and helps you manage your assets.

Thanks to this, you'll be able to monitor your reserves, the amount of fees collected and some other features described below.

Here are some examples of NFT positions:

Other Features

There are extra features on top of being able to check your reserves and claim your fees.

Delegate dividend claims

If you hold a significant position, you might want to store it on a hardware device safely. You can whitelist one address that will have the rights to claim the position's dividends. It is very useful if you want to actively claim and reinvest your profits from a secondary address for instance.

It'll be automatically revoked on transfer or you can do it manually at any time.

Lock your liquidity

Project owners willing to gain trust from their community, may decide to lock their position's liquidity for a certain amount of time.

While your liquidity is locked, you can still claim the profits generated by your position.

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