Proposal & vote

How to use your voting power?

Once you have staked your AGT to get veAGT the real deal begins: voting to shape the future of the Antfarm's platform! Antfarm's DAO uses tally for proposals and votes. Members will find there all current and closed votes.

To participate in governance, head to

Can members of the DAO vote on any proposal?

veAGT holders can only vote using their veAGT weight at the block where a proposal was created. Make sure to delegate your voting power (either to yourself or a trusted one) as soon as possible to make sure your voting power counts on every proposer.

How to create a proposal?

Voting is only half-way of a real community! Antfarm is also expecting proposals to fuel the DAO and improve the platform. Collective intelligence is so powerful! Any veAGT token-holder can create a proposal, as long as they hold more veAGT than the threshold (actual threshold is set to 4% of the supply).

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