Staking & Rewards

Why stake AGT for veAGT ?

AGT holders can stake & lock their AGT into the Antfarm DAO staking contract to receive veAGT. Staking allows participants to vote in the Antfarm DAO Governance and to claim rewards based on profits made by the DAO's positions on Antfarm pools.

Voting Escrowed (veAGT)

veAGT determines the voting power within the DAO, and participate in shaping the future of the Antfarm ecosystem. The more AGT are locked, the more veAGT are earned and the more power comes with it.

veAGT is a non-transferable ERC-20 token. veAGT is only available after staking and locking your AGT. This is the fairest and more transparent model to keep the community engaged and involved for a better common future.

  • The initial lock period is 1 month, renewed when claiming staking rewards

  • When staking AGT you'll receive veAGT in a 1:1 ratio

  • Your veAGT will be burned when you unstake your AGT (after the locking period has expired)

Staking Rewards

Alongside Liquidity Providers, the DAO invests and reinvests liquidity within Antfarm's pools. Thereby, the DAO collects a portion of ATF fees paid from some pool's swaps.

Currently, 82% of the DAO's collected ATF fees are shared among veAGT holders, the remaining 18% are burnt. This means that swaps happening on the Antfarm DAO's liquidity, a total of 29.99% of the swap fees are burnt (15% from the protocol fee, and 18% of the collected 85%).

veAGT holders can claim ATF fees (distributed by the DAO), at any time. The claimable ATF amount is proportional to the AGT amount staked (veAGT owned).

Anytime you stake more AGT or you claim your rewards, the locked period will be renewed. This is to ensure that users who profit from the protocol can't unstake right away.

You can unstake your AGT after the lock period expired. Unstaking AGT will burn the equal amount of veAGT.

When unstaking, your unclaimed rewards will be redistributed to the remaining veAGT holders, proportionally to the amount you're unstaking.

E.g. if you have 1000 ATF in pending rewards and unstake 50% of your veAGT, then 500 ATF will be distributed among all stakers (you'll get a portion back immediately).

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