Overview of Antfarm's governance system

Antfarm Governance is the core concept of the Antfarm Ecosystem and the reason of existence of the DAO. The Antfarm Governance is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the Antfarm ecosystem. It is built to be fair, transparent and collaborative. Participants will, together, create new platform features, participate in the shaping of the platform in the future, and contribute to its overall success.

Antfarm Governance Token - AGT

Everything starts with the ownership of the Antfarm Governace Token (AGT)! AGT make it possible for holders to take part of the Antfarm's DAO and to improve the overall ecosystem.

One of the main missions of the AGT holders is to participate in the democratic governance by voting! To be able to vote on the Antfarm DAO, users need to stake and lock their AGT tokens. This will allow participants to vote on all DAO proposals, while proving their long-term commitment to the growth of the platform. There is a minimum voting power required to create new proposals (to avoid spams), but not to vote!

Voting power

Votes will be available through the use of veAGT. veAGT stands for Vote-Escrowed AGT. They are given to a participant after they staked (and locked) their AGT. veAGT are built to determine the voting power of any participant within the DAO, granted on a 1:1 basis for any AGT staked.

Antfarm's DAO uses tally for proposals and votes. Investors will find there all current and closed votes.

To manage staking and claim their rewards, investors can head up to the Governance tab on

Protocol rewards

Owning AGT is not only about duty, but also about retribution! Participants of the DAO are able to earn ATF collected by the DAO from its liquidity in Antfarm's pools. ATF collected by the DAO from the pools are split among veAGT holders and the DAO treasury for further reinvesting.

Profits earned by the DAO from investments in pools is fairly split between veAGT token holders and reinvestment in the Antfarm protocol! A fair balance between immediate retribution and investment in the growth of the platform.

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