Onchain rebalancing, ingeniously automated

Antfarm is an onchain rebalancing protocol built using a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) architecture but fully dedicated to Liquidity Providers (LPs). The protocol is permissionless and immutable. It has been deployed on Ethereum, Avalanche, Arbitrum and Polygon zkEVM.

Antfarm embodies the spirit of decentralized innovation, offering a hands-off rebalancing approach that nurtures your investments for consistent long-term returns.

Antfarm's vision

In the rapidly evolving landscape of DeFi, Antfarm emerges as a pioneering protocol, embodying a philosophy that champions the significance of time in the market over the uncertainties of timing it. Our vision is rooted in the powerful strategy of tolerance band rebalancing, a proven method for a hands-off investment approach that aims for consistent long-term returns.

At the heart of Antfarm lies the understanding that investment shouldn't be a source of constant stress and anxiety. Traditional market behaviour often leave investors on edge, reacting to every market fluctuation โ€” every dump and pump. We recognized the need for a solution that aligns with the ethos of stress-free investment, thus giving birth to Antfarm.

Our protocol, a refined fork of Uniswap V2, stands out with its distinctively high fees. This key feature enables Antfarm to function as an automated tolerance rebalancing tool. It's a strategy elegantly simple in its design yet profound in its impact. By harnessing the power of on-chain automation and the natural dynamics of arbitrage, Antfarm automates assets management.

Once your assets are added to Antfarm's pools, you're no longer a passive spectator to the whims of a volatile market. Instead, you become a partaker in a journey of generating long-term value, riding the waves of market volatility with the assurance that your assets are continuously rebalanced in an optimised way.

Our vision with Antfarm is to redefine investment in the DeFi space โ€” making it a journey of calm assurance rather than a ride of nerve-wracking speculation. By choosing Antfarm, you're not just investing your assets; you're investing in peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your investments are growing, adapting, and thriving, no matter the market conditions.

To accomplish this vision, we have designed the perfect ecosystem for each stakeholder

Ecosystem overview

Antfarm as a DEX is built to provide LPs with a fair compensation for the risk they are taking. We quickly realized what was good for LPs, was essential for the entire ecosystem. Antfarm is a positive-sum game, where all stakeholders are incentivized to participate.

A self-reinforcing ecosystem supported by a strong token, the ATF.

Antfarm's protocol is enhanced by the use of the Antfarm Token (ATF) on each and every pool for the payment of every swap fee, independently from the pair traded. LPs have access to their collected fees at any time, without impacting the TVL of the pool. Part of the claimed fees will be burned, leading to a steadily growing value of the deflationary token. Tokens can be reinvested and/or compounded. This offers a dual source of revenue for any LPs.

Because Antfarm is characterized with high pool fees, allowing its pools to replicate the Tolerance Band Rebalancing strategy, it becomes particularly attractive in turbulent markets. When the volatility is high, traders will be very active on our pools, making ATF a premium asset. ATF will become even more valuable as uncertainties grow. ATF has been designed to become a natural hedge against high volatility environments.

Lastly, because we are strong believers in the power of a decentralized community, Antfarm has been launched through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

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