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Antfarm finance, pioneering Band Rebalancing AMM
Antfarm is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built especially for Liquidity Providers (LPs). It is supported by a Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO), and available on Ethereum, Arbitrum & Polygon zkEVM.
Through its Band Rebalancing strategy, Antfarm is pioneering a new approach to LP profitability, offering greater returns with reduced risk exposure.

The Antfarm vision

At Antfarm, we view liquidity pools as powerful portfolio rebalancing tools, where users are compensated for accepting this rebalancing. However, across the DEX landscape, this compensation often fails to fully offset the impact of rebalancing on their portfolios."
Antfarm was born out of this worrying assessment that providing liquidity in most DEXs' pools wasn't worth it. LPs' assets are locked against a low remuneration fee and there is a risk of impermanent loss. Backtesting proved our analysis to be right, most LPs investing in 0.3% fee pools were taking most of the risk without the proper remuneration.
To accomplish this vision, we have designed the perfect ecosystem for each stakeholder

Ecosystem overview

Liquidity Providers are at the heart of the DEX ecosystem. Without Liquidity Providers, Automated Market Makers can't work.
Antfarm as a DEX is built to provide LPs with a fair compensation for the risk they are taking. We quickly realized what was good for LPs, was essential for the entire ecosystem. Antfarm is a positive-sum game, where all stakeholders are incentivized to participate.
A self-reinforcing ecosystem supported by a strong token, the ATF.
Antfarm's protocol is enhanced by the use of the Antfarm Token (ATF) on each and every pool for the payment of every swap fee, independently from the pair traded. LPs have access to their collected fees at any time, without impacting the TVL of the pool. Part of the claimed fees will be burned, leading to a steadily growing value of the deflationary token. Tokens can be reinvested and/or compounded. This offers a dual source of revenue for any LPs.
Because Antfarm is characterized with high pool fees, it becomes particularly attractive when markets are turbulent. When the volatility is high, traders will be very active on our pools, making ATF a premium asset. ATF will become even more valuable as uncertainties grow. ATF has been designed to become a natural hedge against high volatility environments.
Lastly, because we are strong believers in the power of a decentralized community, Antfarm is based on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Holders of the Antfarm Governance Token (AGT) will participate in the decision process, while increasing their value as the platform grows. Antfarm is built as a powerful self-reinforcing ecosystem!