Antfarm Governance Token - AGT

What is the AGT? How can I get my hands on it? How does it work?

AGT is the Governance token for the Antfarm ecosystem, it is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 10.000.000 tokens. Holding AGT opens many doors within the ecosystem, including the possibility to take part of the Antfarm's DAO and to improve the platform.

Token allocation

Core contributors within the Antfarm ecosystem will initially hold 40% of the total supply. The long-term goal will be to distribute this portion of AGT across the market to further increase the decentralisation of the DAO.

From launch, 35% of the AGT total supply will be shared among liquidity providers trough the Liquidity Mining program and ATF stakers through the ATF Staking Program. The goal of those AGT distribution programs is to incentivize users to invest in the Antfarm ecosystem while decentralizing the DAO as much as possible.

More about those programs below:

Liquidity MiningATF Staking

Collaborators and partners of the Antfarm ecosystem will be rewarded for their work to improve the overall experience and product.

The legal association that backs the DAO will hold 10% of the total supply as its treasury to be able to generate revenue and fund necessary services (eg. extra audits).

The DAO will keep 5% of the supply to create ATG/AGT pools.

  • Core contributors : 4.000.000 AGT

  • Liquidity Mining bonus : 2.000.000 AGT

  • ATF Staking rewards: 1.500.000 AGT

  • Antfarm's collaborators: 1.000.000 AGT

  • Legal association : 1.000.000 AGT

  • ATF/AGT Pool creation : 500.000 AGT

The AGT value across the market will increase based on the utilisation of the platform and fees generated from the DAO's liquidity in Antfarm pools.

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