Oracle pools

Aren't they all the same ?

As you've just read, Antfarm offers a wide variety of fees for its pools but it still has a 1% fee pool. If one of the assets is ATF then it will be considered as an Oracle pool, if not it's just a pool where the Liquidity Providers want to let the takers swap for only a 1% fee.

1% fee pools will be interesting for Project Owners who might want to offer a low fee pool to their community while still being able to claim dividends from their positions. Read more in the Project Owners section.

In Antfarm pools, all fees must be paid in ATF. This is really easy to ensure in an ATF pool as the protocol takes a fee % of the absolute ATF reserve change. But how could it work with a pool based on two assets other than ATF ?

Pools with ATF tokens are the only ones that can't have a 100% fee due to the way the fee calculation is done.

1% pools with one of the assets being ATF are considered as Oracle pools, they'll define the price of ATF against an asset, allowing any other pool with that asset to determine the amount of ATF to pay for the swap.

In a case where both assets have an Oracle, the pool will chose the most liquid (the one with the more ATF in it), if it changes at any point in time, anyone can trigger a function to reevaluate the most liquid pool.

The main mission of the DAO is to ensure that those pools have enough liquidity to allow other pairs to have an effective pricing of the fees to be paid. This includes creating new Oracle pairs.

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