Project Owners

A plug-and-play business model

Antfarm provides a plug-and-play business model to all crypto-native projects. By providing liquidity on Antfarm pools, Project Owners (PO) can generate profits from the token volatility and increase its overall liquidity.

Antfarm offers fully customizable locking options for their token and they can choose what's best suited for their project and investors.

Furthermore, projects joining the Antfarm ecosystem will benefit from the power of the community and will incur ATF as their pool becomes popular.

How can POs gain traction on their project's token thanks to Antfarm?

Antfarm has been designed for exotic pairs, higher risk tokens swapped against a high fee. This is the perfect ecosystem for a nascent token, with no track record yet but with a bright popularity coming up.

How to confort project's investors thanks to Antfarm?

On Antfarm, Project Owners will be able to lock their token for a period of time of their choice. This is a big plus when launching a token and securing investors. They will immediately understand that your project is solid and is your priority. Indeed, pretty often investors worry that the project will defocus on its mission. It's always better to have a team focused on their mission rather than spending their time, energy and focus worrying about their token valuation.

With Antfarm, investors know that as long as the token exists and is actively traded, the team costs will be covered.

Also, securing a project token on Antfarm will safeguard its volatility. Indeed, when adding liquidity to a pool with x% fees, you add liquidity outside a channel around the actual price (1/1.x for the lower border, 1.x for the higher border). By arbitraging with the most liquid market, it can add a lot of buying (when price goes down) or selling (when price goes up) pressure when the price deviates outside of that channel.

Can Project Owners make extra revenue on Antfarm?

Yes! Thanks to the ATF token. Any transaction on the Project's token will be paid with ATF. Project Owners can then decide how to better manage this secondary source of revenue: cash it in, reinvest it or let it compound thanks to its tokenomics.

Owning ATF is a safety net in case the project token crashes, as ATF is not correlated to the token's value. On the contrary, as transactions increase on the project's pool, more ATF will be earned and more side value will compound for POs.

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