The easiest way to support the ecosystem

Liquidity Providers, Project Owners and Arbitragers are at the heart of Antfarm's ecosystem. However, other very important players of this positive-sum game are the investors. Either initial believers in the project and continuous supporters, they fuel the platform and its developments and are rewarded accordingly by the community. Here is how.

Investing in ATF

ATF is the utility of the ecosystem, as it gets used a portion is burned to ensure its long term demand. Investing in ATF means investing in a token that is purposely built to increase in value. Of course, it is not for sure, there is always risk! But as the platform's popularity grows and with it, both the use of ATF and its burning, a virtuous cycle is created.

Investing in AGT

AGT is the governance token of Antfarm DAO. The DAO supports Antfarm's protocol and helps its development and growth. Owning AGT gives you right to be part of this management process and influence the present and the future of the platform! To use it for governance purposes such as making proposals or voting, you'll have to stake it. When doing so, you'll receive ATFs rewards from the DAO profits.

Antfarm is looking for long-term serious and involved partners to build their community with!

Why should anyone trust Antfarm when investing in AGT? Because it is the most self-reinforcing, positive-sum game, fair & remunerative ecosystem! Antfarm has been designed so that any taker in the platform would end up better off than when they walked in. And this statement is particularly true for the first risk-takers, Antfarm's AGT investors.

Antfarm's investors will be involved through the most transparent governance that exist, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). They will be part of the decision mechanisms and they will be financially compensated for the success of their decisions. Investors will participate to all decisions thanks to a dedicated token, the Antfarm Governance Token (AGT), which will bring them power and value.

Trusting Antfarm right from the start might bring investors the most return, but Antfarm also welcomes late adopters who will not want to miss out on the AGT power and value!

How to get AGT?

When launching the protocol, the DAO will run two programs to share AGT with its users, the ATF staking program (that will last for 12 months) and the Liquidity Mining program (36 months) and respectively sharing 1.5M and 2M AGT (35% of the total supply).

Anyone will also be able to join the governance by purchasing AGT directly on Antfarm's ATF/AGT pools

What will investors be able to do with AGT?
  • AGT will give investors the possibility to get veAGT and participate in the governance of the platform.

  • AGT will bear a strong value as the platform grows. The DAO will share its profit with veAGT token holders, so the more successful the platform, the better off its investors.

What is veAGT?

veAGT is the vote escrowed token that any AGT staker will receive, it is the governance token of the DAO. The DAO will share a portion of its profits with the veAGT holders pro-rata to their stake as a reward.

Anyone can stake AGT to get veAGT, but any deposit or reward claim will restart the time delta (28 days at launch) before the AGT can be withdraw.

NB: When withdrawing AGT, any cumulated reward since the last claim will be split among veAGT holders.

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