Linear Sale

Supporting the ecosystem as it grows

Once the liquidity has been deployed with the funds raised from the ILO, the DAO will continue supporting the liquidity of the entire ecosystem.

To ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem, it is essential that the liquidity of ATF pools keeps increasing as well.

The issue when relying only on the initial liquidity

In the way Liquidity Pools are designed, the value of its liquidity doesn't grow in correlation with the price but with its square foot:

f(x)=√xf(x) = √x

​This means that if ATF price increases by 100 fold, the value of the pools will only have increased by 10 times.

Our solution

In order to mitigate those effects, the DAO will run a Linear Sale that will sell ATF tokens at a price based on its reserves, setting the start price at the price of the ILO and the end price to be up to 100 times that price. All the revenues generated from this sale will be added to the DAO treasury and used, according to its missions, to deploy more liquidity or deploy the protocol to other chains.

The Linear Sale will be funded with 1.000.000 ATF (10% of the total supply) and will run until it is empty, this would happen whenever the price on the secondary market reaches 100+ times the initial price.

This sale acts as an inflationary mechanism. It would only be triggered when the demand is high and that the price keeps reaching new highs.

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