A DAO to complete and protect the whole ecosystem.

The mission of the DAO is to protect the Antfarm protocol and take the right decisions to help develop the ecosystem. Antfarm DAO consists of multiple Smart Contract to manage its governance.

Antfarm's DAO was built to be collective, transparent, resilient, fair and self-reinforcing.

Why use a DAO?

Antfarm chose to support the protocol via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization as it allows Antfarm to work directly with investors globally while maintaining transparency and its protocol. Everyone is in charge; everyone profits, and everyone promotes the organization. That’s what a DAO is about.

Split of the funding

The initial liquidity (and future profits) will be used as follow:

  • Pooled on Oracle pools (fee 1% - against WETH, USDC, USDT, WBTC) to settle ATF pricing.

  • Pooled on for-profit pools (fee 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%, ...).

  • Deploy the protocol on several chains (Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, L2s etc).

  • Marketing and incentive new projects to deploy liquidity on Antfarm.

  • Elaborate innovative products that use the same utility token.

NB: All actions will require a proposal to be voted by the DAO.

Generate profits and reinvest to make sure Antfarm's TVL increases

One of the mission of the DAO is to ensure the growth of the platform. As such, the profits incurred by the DAO will be partially reinvested in all pools to make sure the total TVL increase and more profit are created in the future!

The more the liquidity the more the volume. Increasing the liquidity will increase the amount of ATF burned, bringing real value to all stakeholders of Antfarm ecosystem.

Expand the ecosystem

Antfarm has so much to offer to all stakeholders! And the more is built on Antfarm, the more everyone benefit from it. It is thus Antfarm's responsibility towards token holders to expand the ecosystem of the DAO.

Antfarm's users can benefit from new tools and products, creators can host their new projects on Antfarm, or even Antfarm protocol could be deployed to other chains.

Project Owners

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